Success Stories

HALO: Rethinking Water Leak Detection and Mitigation

Combining two systems into one platform to reduce incident response and resolution times by 60%.

PetStory: Digitizing The Pet Care Market

Bringing pets and pet parents closer. Online.

No more waiting in lines. The first mobile financial marketplace

A single app to unify your banking and insurance needs. 180,000 downloads in just 2 months

Rethinking car leasing: a comprehensive ERP solution

Automated workflows and enhanced BP efficiency for an EU top 20 leasing company

Mission Completed! Case is underway.

A super-app for one of the largest food retail chains in Europe. 10 million MAU

We turned an ordinary mobile app into a super-app with innovative financial services and banking and powered by Metabase BI.

Easy Shopping for Happy Sleepers

Health-Based Sleep Product Selection, Design System, and A/B Testing for a $500 million revenue e-commerce company

Mission Completed! Case is underway.

Blending online and offline worlds for a holistic shopping malls experience

We leveraged data-driven insights to transform website and digital communication, boost traffic, and reduce bounce rate

Leroy Merlin’s data journey: a collaborative Success Story

200 Employees Empowered, 16 Platforms Enhanced, and 2159 Tasks Completed

O'STIN's mobile Rebirth. A shopping app from scratch

40,000 Downloads in the First 30 Days

Analytical platform for Mercedes-Benz. Unify. Visualize. Simplify.

A masterpiece for assessing the quality of service for thousands of Mercedes dealers

Driving to Success: Kazakhstan's #1 car classifieds platform

30,000 listings no older than 2 weeks

50 million happy customers. How we boosted a bank's loyalty program

Transforming user experience with in-app games and adaptive web-based versions for the visually impaired

Boosted customer satisfaction for the 2nd largest private bank

Innovative design, user-centered approach, and streamlined customer journey for easy everyday banking

Boosting marketing ROI with AI

20% more customers acquired at the same marketing budget by leveraging ML to forecast LTV and provide recommendations

AI chatbot replaced L1 support for 100 million of users

Straight-to-the-point AI addresses 600 customer goals

Mission Completed! Case is underway.

Making Employees Happy: Improving EMC Medical Center's Intranet

How we redesigned the corporate portal to enhance employee relations

5 years of impeccable digital experience for №1 electronics retailer

ERPs unification during the merger of two largest retailers, loyalty program and more — consecutive years of success

Mission Completed! Case is underway.

Making moms and their babies happier

Parent-centric and data-driven design renovation for easy baby food shopping

Mission Completed! Case is underway.

Increased ad revenue by revamping a mass media with 60 million DAU

"Contribution to Media Development" Award received due to hundreds of concepts validated and thousands of user interviews done

Mission Completed! Case is underway.

Skyrocketing into the Cloud: the transformation of a Personal Cloud Storage mobile app

Quadrupled performance that accompanied the "Best User Interface, 2019" Award resulted in a 10X user base

Mission Completed! Case is underway.