Boosted customer satisfaction for the 2nd largest private bank

Innovative design, user-centered approach, and streamlined customer journey for easy everyday banking

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We’ve created a new personal account design for the MKB bank. Customers can now easily manage banking products, order new services and perform banking transactions.

A User-friendly Interface

All important actions with the banking card were moved to the main screen: it now takes way less time to make a money transfer or buy a Netflix subscription.

We’ve kept the style, but improved usability.

Intuitive Navigation

We’ve brought the structure of the personal account to a single logic. This, in turn, allowed us to develop a new, more thoughtful and convenient navigation without any unnecessary actions for the user.

Seriously and Clear Design

In the MKB app, even loans look not frightening but beautiful.

All payments are prescribed by months with detailed information and specific figures. We’ve highlighted the payments for the apartment and the % in several colors. For clarity, we display the dynamics on a transparent background that doesn’t distract attention, but shows the whole picture.

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New Menu

We analyzed the needs of users and added buttons that may need to be accessed at any time to the header. This module contains key information about the client (main), payment module, the privilege system, service issuance and the FAQ.

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Concise Texts

To focus the attention on the products, we’ve removed all unnecessary text. We’ve kept the key points, made the headings larger and emphasized the important details with colors.
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Our approach to interface design

To create a user-friendly product, you need to understand the target audience.
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That’s why we:

  • We studied our users’ needs
  • We generated hypotheses
  • We conducted research and built a prototype based on data and user experience

Over several months, the UX design team developed 306 desktop prototypes with 169 scenarios from late June to early October. The designers conducted an internal and external review with all stakeholders, made changes and received a metaphorical stamp of approval on the result of the work.


Dmitry Podluzhny

Head of Interface Design at imaga

Brand logo

A block structure

All services, such as bills and auto payments, are now in one place. You can quickly pay for mobile communications, the Internet, utility bills. You can also see a graph of expenditures and revenues on the main page, which is updated dynamically after each transaction.
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All banking products in one place

On any page of the site, you can expand the block, select the desired product and choose the corresponding operation:

  • repay a loan or pay for insurance;
  • check a deposit;
  • subscribe to a vacancies newsletter or informational materials;
  • select a card;
  • select accounts.
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We structured the report by transaction type and period

Project preview

We made access to bank products quick and easy

Both a customer and an MKB manager can get equally quick access to the necessary section. We’ve achieved this effect through a modular system and a simplified interface.
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We achieved a balance in the elements

The appearance is simpler and more visually appealing. The page presents only the information that is really important to the bank customer.
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An adaptive version

It turned out to be just as clear and understandable. At the same time, we’ve kept all the functionality, removed unnecessary text, added buttons of the correct size and increased the icons for non-verbal reading.
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Design System

We’ve made the personal account design resonate with the general site and the mobile bank, which are not similar to each other.

To this end, we’ve redesigned and expanded the design system, which allows you to interchange elements and blocks, use a ready-made database of styles and components with variants and auto layout for quick editing and adapting layouts for different screen resolutions.

This means that we’ve built a system that the business customer can easily develop and supplement on their own without much trouble and the involvement of external designers.

Project preview

Convenient and modern design system that is easy to transfer and convenient to use, as well as modern UX/UI which elevate the new bank interface to a new level. The team should be praised exactly for being a team, for strong interaction and for building such a complex system.


Dmitry Kozhevnikov

Art Director

Brand logo

Project Team

We’ve redesigned the personal account together with the MKB team. Designers, developers, system analysts and managers cooperated on this project.
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We help make the fintech world better, faster and more user-friendly. We want you to use banking products online with ease and never waste your time.
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