imaga is an award-winning custom software development company based in California, Valencia, Dubai and Istanbul. We digitally grow our customers’ businesses by applying a data-driven approach. They are happy, and so are their clients.

We create data-driven web services, websites, mobile apps, and AI-powered products using a product-oriented approach. By analyzing user journeys, we identify growth opportunities and integrate them into our projects.

Look at some of the requests we usually deal with:

  • Clients prefer the services of our competitors. Why?
  • We need a one-of-its-kind financial marketplace. How can we get it?
  • We need a one-of-its-kind financial marketplace. How can we get it?
  • We seek a new design and the scripts for a bank profile section. What do you think about it?
  • We are in urgent need of a mobile app. But we lack experts. Can you share yours?
  • We need a system to streamline our company’s operations. Can we cooperate?
  • We want to have a waste sorting robot developed. Can you help us?
  • We need a go-to-market auto-classification. We have 6 months. Can you do it?

These are the real cases we ever tackled. More projects we’re working on.

All you may want to know about us

Our team features 200 developers, testers, product managers, designers, analysts, DevOps engineers, and ML specialists based across different cities and countries.

We believe that people are the backbone of a robust operation and a guarantee of high results.

We can easily join a large company’s workflow and get in sync with your existing infrastructure or develop startups from scratch.
We help businesses become more up-to-date and high-tech. We create digital products, help with competitor analysis and promote your growth. And the customer satisfaction is a true teastament to that.
Our projects are highly appraised both by our clients and the overall community. Follow us at Awwwards, CSS Design Awards, Behance, and Dribbble.

You can rely on us. And here is why

  • We know how to scale a project up promptly, so we can rise to nearly any urgent challenge. And the strict deadline won't affect the quality.
  • Our team is highly-competent to approach any kind of task coming from the digital world. But before jumping at it, we will ask you a list of questions to know about your targets and find a way how to meet those. Here are the tools we use.
  • Whatever your challenges, we might have handled something similar before. Our experience and knowledge are our great pride. You can lay it on us—we'll sort it out and come up with a solution. Learn about our achievements in the blog on Medium.