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imaga creates web services and mobile apps for business based on data and common sense
We conduct qualitative and quantitative research to better understand your product and its users and offer long-term solutions.


Our approach
We have several hundreds of project managers, designers, engineers and coders with solid experience in large-scale projects.


Our approach
We are committed to HADI-cycle concept of iterative development. We test, analyze, and offer the best solutions. We speak the language of business. We are user-oriented. We offer SLAs with a financial guarantee.


Our approach
We accelerate business, automate routine and do by the power of algorithms what previously was too long to do by hand.


Our approach
Our approach
Since 2018, we have been working with large-scale products that have evolved over the years.
imaga is a Data-Driven Digital Production. We develop complex data-driven web services, websites, and mobile applications. In developing our digital projects, we apply a product-oriented approach.

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We employ all the necessary specialists, from art director to tester. We hire the best people in the market. It is expensive but worth it.
We believe that data-driven solutions are impossible without the most powerful analytics systems


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