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FinServices: Where Convenience Meets Finance

A single app that unifies your banking and insurance needs,

acquiring over 180,000 downloads within the first 2 months

Thanks to the FinServices marketplace, users can now effortlessly access banking and insurance services. One of the major exchange holdings in Central & Eastern Europe initiated the development of this platform in 2020. In 2021, imaga was enlisted by the FinServices team to assist in developing a mobile application for this service

Currently, over 170 financial institutions showcase their financial and insurance services on the FinServices app

The app’s current user base stands
at 12.4 million

30% of users exclusively use FinServices' finance and insurance services through the mobile app

The app has an impressive average rating of 4.8 on both the App Store and Google Play

Empowering Users Through IT Solutions

We aimed to remove the need for physical bank visits by developing a mobile app that lets users conveniently compare and select the best offers from various banks and insurance providers, enabling seamless transactions like deposits and insurance applications on their smartphones.

Easy access to financial products from anywhere, anytime

To overcome challenges related to time and location, our objective was to establish a unified platform for comparing and purchasing financial and insurance products, targeting millennials, Generation X, and Generation Z.

"It's important for us to be where the user is most comfortable, and that’s on their mobile phone. We use our phones constantly to solve everyday problems. The development of this app is a significant project for the innovative FinServices marketplace, and allows us be constantly connected to our clients, as well as giving them the opportunity to make better financial decisions, faster."

Helen Dyogteva, Head of Mobile and Internet Services Development, MOEX

Imaga had a 6-month window to develop high-performance native apps for both IOS & Android

Shaping the FinServices App Concept

The imaga development team collaborated with FinServices, conducting thorough market research and competitor analysis to shape the app concept. Subsequently, we delivered high-performance native apps for iOS and Android, prioritizing reliability and quality standards.

Our strategy included implementing a safety system, launching initial features, and successfully introducing the app within a tight timeline. This user-friendly tool attracted new users and served existing clients effectively, establishing a channel for managing financial products.

“The requirements for IMAGA were immediately high. We were looking not just for developers but for a product team who knew how to incrementally work with, understand, and run and maintain a product. These requirements set the bar high, and the fact that we are still working with IMAGA is an excellent indicator that we were happy with the outcome”.

Vsevolod Rymar, Head of Interface Design and Project Development at FinServices

Smart Choices, One App

Our collaboration with FinServices resulted in a comprehensive super app offering a variety of nationwide banking and insurance products, enabling users to combine all their loans, deposits, savings accounts, and insurance policies in a single location.

We also added other functions enabling users to compare a wide range of banking and insurance products and manage all their financial needs conveniently through the app.


“The concept of a financial services marketplace is fairly new. As a result we had some challenges in developing the design. Are we a bank or an aggregator? First, we looked at bank references, because after all we are a financial app. But we still tried to distance ourselves from them in terms of UI”

Madina Abaeva, FinServices Product Manager

Our focus is on providing users with easy access to diverse financial services through FinServices personal accounts, divided into three key sections —

Seamless Financial Management

Through the FinServices App, you can conveniently handle various financial, you can efficiently apply for Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance, comparing offers from 15 companies and attaching existing policies.

Save smarter with FinServices, as you have options from over 15 partner banks allowing you to make online deposits with favorable terms, eliminating the need for in-person visits.

The next phase of development will introduce features related to loans and bonds.

“The project was interesting because we helped create a mobile app from scratch for a big audience. Every day we remembered that we were working on a product, and focused on the value it would bring to the user. I’d also like to mention the resilience and patience of the FinServices team who, even when we were a bit stormy, remained absolutely calm.”

Julia Zuikova, IMAGA's Account Director

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