50 million happy customers. How we boosted a bank's loyalty program

Developing Sber Loyalty Program Channels

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IMAGA collaborated with Sber’s IT department to enhance the SberSpasibo mobile application, the largest bank loyalty program in the region with over 50 million users. By developing and integrating innovative features like in-app games, a bonus converter, and adaptive web-based versions for the visually impaired, IMAGA succeeded in boosting customer satisfaction and engagement within the loyalty program.
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We are developing the SberSpasibo app together with the team of Sber’s IT Department. Our team concentrated on developing and integrating new features and developing existing ones.

In-app Games

There are mini-games in the user profile — we’ve integrated gamification into the app. Today, you don’t need to go to a third-party website in order to play any of them.
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Project preview
Project preview

Bonus Converter

We have developed a universal bonus converter in which users can exchange their SberSpasibo bonuses for Sber Miles, RZD bonuses or Aeroflot miles.



Setting up Push Notifications

We set up push notifications for users, which allow them to monitor their balance, privilege level, and affiliate promotions and help them avoid missing important updates.
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Web-based version for the visually impaired

Together with the Sber team, we’ve launched an adaptive version of the SberSpasibo website for the visually impaired — with support for popular voice assistants.

You can opt for both third-party assistants (e.g., NVDA) and standard ones built into iOS and Android devices.

We’ve optimized the work of voice assistants so that they work clearly and smoothly and do not overload the site.

Coupons Section

We completely redesigned the behavior of the user interface in the Coupons section:

  • content output UI finalized;
  • option to hide the button if the block in the admin panel is not filled added;
  • terms and Where to Use blocks on the detailed information screen of the coupon added;
  • option to switch between them implemented.
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On the main screen, we’ve added a Stories block that displays the latest news and current offers from the bank and partners.
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Team and Technology

For the development of SberSpasibo channels, a large product team was assembled, which we supplemented and strengthened with expertise in web and mobile development.
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We’ve conducted complex work on the development of SberSpasibo loyalty program channels:

  • We expanded the gamification functionality in the mobile app.
  • We added unique Stories to the personal account, which allow you to quickly get up-to-date information that’s important through to the users.
  • We developed a universal bonus converter with the ability to convert SberSpasibo bonuses into real money.
  • We set up a push notification system.
  • We introduced a web-based version for the visually impaired.

The SberSpasibo team proved to be a demanding, results-oriented customer. It may not always be simple to work with such a partner, but you always know that your efforts are for the better: you enhance the user experience, develop the product, and encourage a considerate approach to loyalty programs. Working and achieving results as a team with business professionals is a worthy reward for the effort. Thank you, Sber!


Dmitry Radaev

Project Manager

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