Leroy Merlin’s data journey: a collaborative Success Story

200 Employees Empowered, 16 Platforms Enhanced, and 2159 Tasks Completed

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imaga analysts work side by side with Leroy Merlin’s analytics team. We created the department’s workflow together, and we now support one another’s data gathering and analysis efforts.

We have:

  1. Updated analytics markup for 16 platforms
  2. Helped with analytical tasks: reports, dashboards, A/B-tests, surveys and qualitative research
  3. Set up the work of the Analytics Team and built a transparent support process for stakeholders
  4. Provide the business with complete and reliable data for decision-making

Set up teamwork

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We organized our work using the SCRUM framework. We are now able to move more quickly, pay closer attention to business priorities, and avoid rushing. Tasks now appear to be organized, work is transparent, and the team members support one another.
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It used to take a lot of time to connect diverse specialists for small tasks. We helped with the quick involvement of imaga employees from different departments. For instance, we’d engaged Python programmers to build intricate system connectors to customize dashboards, SQL experts to prepare intricate queries for data uploads, frontend programmers to design Splunk dashboards, or designers to make mementos for big data department workshops.
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We formed a knowledge base and wrote the instructions

We checked all the markup and prepared detailed instructions for developers and analysts. They described the standards for data transmission. This makes it possible for analysts to maintain data integrity and more easily train new specialists, as well as for developers to implement tracking codes more quickly and with fewer errors.
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The Confluence knowledge base contains all artifacts and vital data for the company.

We trained employees


Employees attended seminars

We’ve held training sessions for Leroy Merlin employees to help spread the culture of data-driven methods. Every training course is customized to match the goals of particular departments. Data collection is the main focus of developer training, working with functional elements is the focus of designer training, and customer interaction with the site and sales of a particular product category are the focus of merchandiser training. The training we provided for offline store directors and management controllers stands out as the most memorable.
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We are helping to develop the online store

New hypotheses are being actively tested in A/B tests by the development team. The Analytics Team assists with this by creating new markup, determining the required samples, and analyzing test results.
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Real improvements to the product and shared processes call for a cohesive team that includes both customers and performers.


Oleg Rudkov

Teamlead Product Analytics

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