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Project preview

Explore how we built Mycar.kz, a website and mobile app for Astana Motors, from the ground up in just six months. With user-centric features such as one-click transactions, on-site loan applications, and a sophisticated catalog.

Our task

To create a classifieds site from scratch and make it available to all car owners in Kazakhstan and those who desire to buy a car.

The main challenge and the main peculiarity of the project is the huge number of features that the site and the application must provide the user with:

  • buying and selling in one click;
  • applying for a loan right on the site;
  • advanced filtering system to search for cars;
  • the function of quickly selling the car to a dealer by sending an application online.

Design concept

The choice of the design concept was determined by the functions of the future site. The concept is simple, user-friendly, and intuitive.
Project preview

The final version of the design

The concept required very little modification.

The changes included:

  • More informative product cards due to more detailed previews and the ability to add videos;
  • A more concise color scheme to make the design «lighter»;
  • New banners with photorealism giving way to a simpler yet more original «cartoon» style.
Project preview

Mobile Version

All services can be easily accessed from the home page. We’ve also added detailed descriptions to the list. The design has become more confident and serious.
Project preview

User-friendly interface

We’ve made sure that visitors are comfortable at all stages.

Project preview

A quick calculation of car loans

If you need financing, you can apply for it without having to go to a third-party website. Thanks to the integration of services, this is faster and more convenient than on the websites of most banks.
Project preview

Sellers can demonstrate their cars as clearly as possible and in the smallest detail:

This service’s primary goal is to make the user’s experience buying and selling a car as comfortable as possible. That’s why we’ve created a simple and straightforward ad card with several convenient features:

  • Sellers can add any number of photos to the card;
  • The previews of images are conveniently located and always accessible while not taking up unnecessary space;
  • You can add videos to cards. They load quickly and play without freezing;
  • You have one-click contact with the seller;
  • There is a clear description of the car’s main characteristics.
Project preview

Informative preview of ads

You don’t need to open the card to view basic information about a car. The most important bits are automatically displayed in the preview. This makes it convenient to compare similar offers, as there’s no need to open several cards in different browser tabs.
Project preview

iOS and Android apps

When creating a mobile app, it’s important for all information from your personal account to be automatically pulled into the app. To complete the process of symbiosis, we’ve used a previously created design system.
Project preview

A Convenient Catalog

The catalog allows you to set up almost any search parameters in seconds, making the selection process as easy as possible.
Project preview

You can swipe large photos. The size of the video adjusts to the proportions of your phone’s screen. We intentionally made it lightly to make it load more quickly.

We’ve also highlighted the main characteristics of the car and added large key buttons: one reaching out to the seller, and another for applying for a loan.

Project preview

Product team

We’ve assembled a large product team to develop the desktop version of the product and two mobile apps. Designers, project developers, product analysts, system analysts, developers, mobile developers, managers, and information security specialists worked on the project together.
Project preview


A memorable name must meet several criteria:

  • easy to read;
  • easy to write;
  • impossible to misunderstand.

We settled in Mycar.kz

Branding and visualization

We’ve placed a stylized image of the windshield (top view) as the logo — which resembles a smile.

The color green is a reference to the green traffic light.

Project preview


Microservice architecture

The main feature of the website is a great number of integrated services. We chose to use Kubernetes microservice architecture to keep them all running without hiccups and loading quickly, and prevent them from interfering with one another.

The benefits of this approach:

  • All functions of the website are implemented separately from each other;
  • Each service has its own administrative panel;
  • You can use any tools and save on refactoring;
  • The ecosystem is easily scalable, and all functions of the website work quickly under any load.

SEO promotion

Making a good website is not enough. To be successful, it needs to be seen, it needs to be wanted, and it needs to be used. Therefore, we prepared the site for promotion in advance.
Project preview

As a result, it almost immediately took a position at the top of Yandex and Google for most targeted queries.


We’ve launched a large and easily scalable product that easily supports new functionality.

Our product team of 36 specialists has contributed tremendous expertise to the creation and development of this product.

Thanks to this we have:

1. We developed the naming of the classifieds website, logo, and corporate identity.

2. We conducted a full range of system analytics.

3. We created a desktop version of the website with a Kubernetes-based microservice architecture.

4. We checked the code for security.

5. We designed with an intuitive interface.

6. We launched iOS and Android mobile apps.

7. We optimized the website for SEO promotion.

We managed to create a brand-new digital product for the Kazakhstan market from scratch in just six months. It’s as user-friendly and useful as possible.


Michael Dyrma

Project Office Manager

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