HALO Protection Systems

Rethinking The Water Leak Detection And Mitigation System

HALO is a water leak detection and mitigation system designed for high-rise residential buildings. It uses a combination of sensors and water flow monitoring to determine if there is a leak. If the system detects a leak, it can operate electric valves at the problematic location. Halo keeps every stakeholder informed every step of the way via email, text, or via system notifications.

Picture before Picture after
Picture before Picture after

From Chaos to Perfect Harmony

Effortless Water Leak Detection and Recovery

We have developed a new design combining 2 systems into one platform with different roles, reducing incident response and resolution times by 60%.

Previously, HALO used two different platforms for different purposes: for technicians and for clients

This led the system to become chaotic and have unclear navigation. It also made the system difficult to improve, integrate new features, and attract more customers to the platform.

The clean design highlights analytical data and optimizes the user’s workflow, with convenient listing, icons, and statuses

Technicians can view all their devices and easily add a new one. We’ve also created filters for a quicker search.

Seamless Control and Customization

A practical interface with easy-to-use controls and customizable options, providing fool-proof device and condition management.

“The imaga team exceeded our expectations. Karina and Paul discovered things that our team might have missed. We had regular meetings when we were able to discuss our concerns. We’re happy with the team’s performance, and it’s cool when you don’t have to manage the team tightly.”

Daniel Dietzen, Product Owner, HALO

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