Mars Petcare ecosystem: Network, Telemedicine, “Amazon”. All in one.

Bringing pets and pet parents closer. Online.

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Best User Interface Award from Behance, 72 Net Promoter Score. Happy pet parents. Connected in a single place.
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Project preview
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A Care Plan — everything you need for your pet’s health and happiness in a single service

A subscription-based system that calculates when you run out of food and remind you about it, and the courier delivers the order on time.

Check inside for:

  • Smart selection of pet food.
  • Regular delivery intervals.
  • Adding parasite remedies and filler.
  • Free consultations with a nutritionist.
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Project preview
Project preview
Project preview

Personal cabinet of doctors and administrators

We are developing vets’ personal accounts where they can conduct consultations, keep records of their patients, and study their medical history. We’ve also made a separate account for the care plan dietitian where they manage the pet food and care kit composition, matching it with the needs and preferences of the pet and the owner.

Another addition — an interface that allows to manage subscriptions and orders for the support operator.


Product Development Team

Our team works by scrum

  • Two-week sprints
  • Daily meetings
  • Demos and retrospectives

A team of 18 people holds all the necessary positions from analysts to developers.


Vet Support Manager

Our product team has a dedicated specialist who is responsible for two main areas: first, working with users (responding to feedback in storerooms, as well as fixing bugs in the system and sending it for debugging); second, technical support for doctors.

It’s great that I can talk to vets directly. It saves a lot of time for both the business and the vets themselves. I can solve 95% of vet questions. And, of course, it’s nice that people use the app and write feedback, which we then process and make improvements to the app.


Valerie Fedchenko

Senior Support Specialist

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Product Analytics

What are we doing?

  • We mark user interactions with elements of the new functionality.
  • We use Firebase for detailed tracking of product interaction scenarios.
  • AppsFlyer for tracking and attributing traffic sources.

As members of the product team, our analysts are planning the markup to collect the necessary data and release the new functionality while collaborating with Production and the Petstory Product Manager. They also conduct research, analyze product data They help work out product requirements based on this data and fine-tune the release of new features.



We created a microservice architecture to make sure the apps and user accounts on the website run without a hitch.

We currently have 9 services running on dedicated servers that work separately from one another, so we don't need to worry about Petstory's performance. And if there are issues, we can resolve them quickly and without the app's users noticing.




Our app and website have a clear architecture that allows for quick rollout of new features, testing, and customer demonstrations without altering the primary version of the product.

In order to release all updates and new features without having to wait for hours, we have set up CI/CD on both the web and for mobile devices.




We used many integrations with third-party services for the app and personal account.

  • We connected CloudPayments for making payments
  • We use Voximplant for audience and video calls.
  • We use Yclients for making online vet appointments.

We created a fail-safe, dependable, quick, and simple-to-use app and personal account with the aid of microservices, intelligent architecture, and integrations.


We’re working with the Mars team to develop a service for pet owners that helps:

  • Consult a doctor online at your convenience and store your pet’s vaccinations and health data in the app.
  • Automatically subscribe based on your pet's data, and the app will select the right food and delivery interval.
  • Quickly and easily select and order home delivery of food and care products.
  • Find a proven clinic for an appointment.
  • 10+ million


  • 420 000

    Consultations with doctors

App metrics

Petstory app consistently receives positive feedback and high ratings, making it a top choice among customers
AppStore Rating
2 351
GooglePlay Rating
5 830
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