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In the fast-paced digital world where over 70% of U.S. households own pets, PetStory, the largest pet care producer in the U.S., is on a mission to create a "Better World For Pets". The company intends to fill in the pet care market gaps. Their goal is to reshape and digitize the pet care market of today.

Pet care faces many challenges, and pet owners experience them daily.

There aren't many options for pet insurance on the market. The ones we have don't provide clients with the desired flexibility. Another source of frustration for pet parents is selecting the proper diet for their pets.

It's difficult to choose the matching feed without tasting, isn't it? Last but not least, vet consultations are only available offline. That was especially important during COVID-19.

A first-of-its-kind environment accessible on both web and mobile.

To address the industry challenges, PetStory and IMAGA interviewed pet parents and researched the market and relevant fields. We developed a pet telemedicine and intelligent pet nutrition service suited to your pet's breed, age, and preferences. We looked at the exceptional examples of insurance policies and developed a pick-and-choose pet insurance plan. Now you can pay for what you need.

4.8+ apps rating

Both the iOS and Android apps are in the top tier of their respective stores

69% return rate

Most of the users continue to use telemedicine a month after signup

PetStory & IMAGA developed a digital ecosystem simplifying pet care.

A telemedicine feature formed a digital hub that allowed veterinarians and pet owners to interact via video, text, or audio channels. It has also included an integrated medical record for each pet, complete with a log of consultations and associated prescriptions. As for the payment — the pet parents could easily use Apple Pay or Google Pay services or with a debit/credit card details.

To ensure that a pet's nutritional needs were met, a personalized food selection from a dietitian's advice based on the pet's data was implemented. The feature came with a delivery subscription to ensure you never forget about running out of the feed.

With a mission to assist pet owners in managing the costs associated with their pets, we introduced a flexible, pick & choose pet insurance plan. With such a robust feature, any concerns about unexpected incidents (like unforeseen surgical procedures) will become a thing of the past.

Another notable result was the high Net Promoter Score (NPS).

With an impressive NPS of 72, PetStory customer loyalty and recognition were exceptional, indicating that the created ecosystem was solving pet parents needs and surpassing customer expectations.

An award-winning user interface

One of the expected outcomes was the recognition PetStory received from the industry. The user interface was awarded the “Best User Interface Award” from Behance, highlighting the success of balancing functionality with aesthetics. It's a testament to the user-focused approach, which is centered around making pet care intuitive, convenient, and enjoyable.

As the ecosystem continues to expand, we're seeing a steady increase in PetStory app usage. Every second user communicated with a veterinarian via telemedicine at least once, and the return rate of users to the service is 69% in 2022.

“Telemedicine saves time for everyone — business, doctors and customers. And we finally can get structured feedback to improve our services. I’m thrilled!”

Valeria F., Pet Story Support Specialist

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