O'STIN's mobile Rebirth. A shopping app from scratch


We have developed a new app for clothing

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O’STIN is a leading online store for fashion clothing and accessories in the regional fashion retail segment

Learn how we helped O’STIN build a brand-new, user-friendly mobile app from scratch, offering an intuitive catalog, personalized offers, and an engaging loyalty program in just 5 months.

A Convenient Catalog

An intuitive catalog with sections, detailed product cards, size and color selection, filter by price and availability in stores and cities. In addition to photos, the product card displays videos and related products.

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Clear Search and Navigation

We’ve integrated a search system for the necessary goods. The catalog search works according to the standards of the Yandex and Google search engines: just start writing the name and the app will offer you different options. You don’t want to search for anything, and you’d rather just pick your look? Go to the desired section of the catalog and choose an item from the color, size, and collection parameters.

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Shopping Cart and Delivery

The team has spent 75% of the time developing the multi-piece basket. We’ve made shipping groups by type of delivery: you can choose a convenient day of pickup and delivery option for each product — pickup from the store and giveaway outlet or delivery by courier services.

My favorite store! We’ve been waiting for the Austin mobile for a very long time — and now it’s finally here! Thank you) Now it’ll be even more convenient to buy! The app loads and works very fast!


O’STIN customer

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If the user isn’t logged in when using the mobile app, the app will automatically register them after purchase, making them a member of the loyalty program. This way, the user can accumulate points and receive personalized offers and discounts.

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Online Payment

Pay quickly without any problems. We added bank cards to the payment system

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Personal Cabinet

We created a personal account for O’STIN customers where they can track their orders, view purchase history, manage notifications and subscriptions and change delivery addresses. Here, they can also monitor the amount of bonuses on their loyalty card.

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Loyalty Card


We’ve implemented a system of discounts, promo codes, and personalized offers. The loyalty program section displays the user’s current level: the more purchases they make, the higher the level and the bigger the discount.

Pay for purchases in the mobile app, and your account will be credited points that can be written off on your next order.

One of the requirements for the application is that it can be used not only by customers but also by O’STIN employees. Part of the functionality and a special loyalty program have been designed just for this group of users.

Order Statuses and Reminders

The purchase history shows what happens to the order. It communicated which products are in the assembly stage and which ones are already waiting for the buyer at the pick-up point. If the user can’t pick up their order on time, they can extend its storage time in the mobile app.

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We have marked up our users’ every step. We use Appsflyer and Firebase to track user behavior and develop new user-friendly features for O’STIN customers.

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Interaction and development process


People in the development team

Our work was split into weekly sprints. The project involves a team of 12, including mobile developers, testers and analysts.

  • 40000

    Number of users who downloaded the application in the first 30 days

  • >300

    Number of logged-in users online at the same time during peak hours in the app

  • 300

    Number of orders made on a typical weekday on Android in 30 minutes

Reviews and Questions

Under each item, you can leave a review and everyone whether the clothes run tight, correspond to the photo and fit well. We’ve also added the ability to ask questions about the product, so customers know exactly what to expect.

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Size Selection

We’ve added a feature that helps you find the perfect size. You need to answer a couple of questions and attach your picture if you want. A second after this, the app will tell the customer what size fits them most.

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If you have any reservations about the order, you can ask all the important questions directly in the app.
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Set of clothes

If the customer sees a good look in the app, they may be enticed to purchase it in its entirety. To do this, we’ve added the Buy Set feature.

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Favorite Store

The user chooses the stores that are easier for them to get to or that they simply like better. After that, the application shows whether the product can be found in favorite stores.
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Loyalty System

We added a section to the app in which customers can check the bonuses they accrued. They can be used to pay for purchases. A special section shows how much you need to spend to participate in the bonus program. Everything is transparent and clear.
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Filters and Sorting

We’ve updated the filters in the application — there are now more of them. The app remembers the criteria for sorting so that customers don’t have to enter them all over again.
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